Places Nearby

Mactan-Cebu International Airport

Jiji’s Hostel is just 4 minutes away by car from the Mactan-Cebu International Airport.


There are many restaurants to choose from inside the nearby malls or along the road from the hostel. You will find different Filipino restaurants to choose from if you want to try out local food. There are also Italian and Singaporean restaurants nearby who serve affordable and delicious food.

Yacht Club

You can dine in the several restaurants here with an overlooking view of the Mactan Channel. This place is a short 14 minutes walk away from our location.


Mactan Marina Mall

This local mall is home to different restaurants, fast food, pharmacies, supermarket, and shops. Located just along the road going to the international airport, it is 650 meters away from our location. To go there would only be 4 minutes  by car or 9 minutes on foot.

Island Central Mactan

This recently opened mall is just 10 minutes walk from our location and right across Mactan Marina Mall. Island Central Mactan houses different restaurants, coffee shops, fast food, a supermarket, pharmacies, clothing stores, a hardware store, and a bookstore.

Gaisano Mactan Island Mall

This mall is further away and should be around 10 minutes from Jiji’s House @ Matumbo. You can find a supermarket, hardware store, self-service laundry (J&J Laundy Lounge Cafe), Korean/Japanese restaurants, and coffee shops.

Convenience Stores

If you think you will be needing something after business hours, don’t worry. There are at least 4 convenience stores nearby. There are two (2) 7-Elevens and two (2) Korean marts that are open 24/7.

ATMs and Money Changers

Need cash?

There are a couple of ATMs and a money changer in Mactan Marina Mall.

Inside Gaisano Mactan Island Mall, there are several ATMs and a money changer.

There are also a couple of money changers that are open 24/7 just a few hundred meters away from our location.

Hair Salons and Spas

If you need a haircut or a massage, you don’t have to go far. There are salons and massage spas that are located nearby. Within walking distance from our location is a spa that offer Thai massage. Most of the massage spas in the Philippines offer Swedish massage.

In Gaisano Mactan Island Mall, you will find a group of blind masseurs that offer massage service just inside the mall.

If need more information or if what you are looking for is not on out list, feel free to ask our staff. They are happy to help.

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